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Author Chuck Wendig reflects on the Spaceman Spiff, Calvinball matches, adventures about monsters and treasure and spaceships. I like astronomy, physics, math, computer programming (That one should be obvious), and other such things. I also enjoy platform games, reading, writing. We begin with that game of all games: Calvinball. In the early years of Calvin and Hobbes we often find Calvin playing baseball. This is a theme. Calvinball has no rules; the players make up their own rules as they go along, making later, making outdoor play a creative adventure! Maestros of Horror|Mavens of Adventure| TTRPG Actualplays, #VorpalTales is going live with a "Calvinball" inspired game in about 5 min! For those of you remember the now-defunct but truly wonderful comic Calvin and Hobbes, Calvinball is a "sport" where you make up the rules. The player is left to interpret the images on the cards and the facial expressions of the players, with the caveat that every time a new card is. No more Calvinball. No further adventures of Spaceman Spiff. No more school-day battles with Miss Wormwood or late-night duels with Rosalyn. Calvinball, Transmogrifiers, Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Men It's been 28 years since Bill Watterson let us into the inescapable world of a. Some of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes adventures involved a game they developed called Calvinball. When someone asked Calvin how to play, Calvin.