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to be unbelievable or not deserving to be believed: to defy belief It almost beggars belief that anyone can be so cruel. Learn More About beggar belief. beggar belief/description definition: 1. to be impossible to believe or describe: 2. to be impossible to believe or describe. Learn more. To defy or go beyond what is believable. What's the origin of the phrase 'Beggar belief'?. 'It beggars. In British English, beggar is a verb meaning (1) to exceed the limits of, or (2) to impoverish. The first sense is what's meant in the verb phrase beggar. Definition of BEGGAR BELIEF / DESCRIPTION (phrase): be extremely difficult to believe or describe. Beggar belief/beggar description definition: If something beggars belief, it is impossible to believe it. If something beggars | Meaning, pronunciation. The phrase “beggar belief” means to defy or exceed the common beliefs or belief system, unbelievable or something that has crossed the believable standards. To defy attempts at description; to be difficult or impossible to describe or explain. The spectacular vista at the Grand Canyon beggars belief. To make a beggar of; impoverish. 2. To exceed the limits, resources, or capabilities of: beauty that beggars description. [Middle English. phrase · 'It beggars belief that a group of local councillors can really believe there is any merit in this option. · ''Cave-in' doesn't even begin to describe.